Choosing How to Move Your Stuff

How to Move

You need to move your stuff to a mini storage unit, but how will you get it there?

Option One: Do It Yourself

Moving Boxes Yourself

Take a good look at your stuff.  If you don’t have too much, your best and least expensive option may be the borrow-a-buddy approach (or maybe the cute donkey in the photo). Moving the heavier items will be easier if you plan ahead and borrow or rent a hand-truck. Your friends will love you when the furniture, appliances and heavy boxes are wheeled to your unit instead of hand carried. Having the right tool for the job is a life saver! If you have access to a pickup truck or SUV, you’re almost there. If not, check out your local DIY store. They rent trucks by the hour. Then you just need to line up your fierce-less friends and you can start moving your beloved stuff to mini storage.

The essential elements of this approach:

  • Do you have (or can you borrow) a truck or SUV?
  • Can you and your friends physically manage the move?
  • Estimate the number of trips back and forth you will need.
  • Have you assembled all the supplies you need to make this move go as smooth as possible, e.g. the right sized boxes, a hand-truck to save your back, old blankets to prevent scratching and tie-downs to secure your stuff while in route to your self-storage unit?
  • Plan a “Post-move” party to show your appreciation and to say thank you: budget for pizza and beverages for afterwards!


Option Two: Do It Yourself, But Rent a Moving Truck

Loading Truck

Reserve this ahead of time and plan around peak days and months. Look online for coupons and specials and remember that truck rentals come in all sizes so shop around for the cheapest. You need a truck that is big enough to move your stuff in as few trips as possible. Be careful not to get too large of truck, otherwise your stuff might shift in transport to your self-storage unit which could cause damage. When you’re ready, decide what gets packed in the truck first and remember that will be the last item out when you arrive.

The essential elements to consider in Option Two:

  • Can you and your faithful friends physically manage the move?
  • Have you determined how many trips the move will take?
  • Have you (or any of your friends) driven a moving truck before?
  • You will need the necessary moving supplies: boxes, tie-downs, hand-trucks and blankets. The hand-trucks and blankets can typically be rented from moving truck vendors.
  • Don’t forget the pizza!


Option Three: Call a Moving Company

Professional Movers

Maybe DIY isn’t quite for you. The last option is to shop around and interview a moving company. You can also read online reviews about the company so you can get a feel for their reputation and what to expect.  While this can be costly, it is the most stress-free and all you need to do it coordinate a few details. The movers will come and pick up your stuff from your home or office, relocate, and unload it at your self-storage unit.  Your buddies will certainly appreciate this option and you can still have that party at the end of the day!

The essential elements in when using a Moving Company:

  • Can you afford to hire a moving company?  Call several to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Ask your friends for a referral and read online reviews.
  • Is this a short or long distance move?  The shorter the move, the cheaper.
  • Call your mini-storage facility manager ahead of time so they know when to expect the movers.
  • Pizza not necessary.